Anunnaki, the Sumerian version of humanity's creation

by pierre
Anunnaki, the Sumerian version of humanity's creation 3

Here is one of the Sumerian versions of the origin of man that gives an explanation about the Anunnaki, Nibiru, the face on Mars and the statues of Easter Island.

This documentary is fascinating but does not cite its sources, I think it is based on the translations of Zecharia Sitchin, who is, it must be known, a controversial translator of Sumerian texts.

You will find another version of the Sumerian texts here:

The Sumerian origin of the Bible, the proofs, with more “official” translations, which does not mean more “real”, you have to judge.

The Anunnaki, the Sumerians and Man

Creation of man by the Anunnaki : video description

The first part of the video tells us about the creation of the universe and then the Anunnaki, these beings similar to humans but measuring twice their size and living on a planet orbiting around the star Nemesis.

The Anunnaki acquire technology that allows them to travel through space and they arrive at our solar system where they colonize Mars and Nibiru to make them into space stations.

Nibiru is a planet that takes 3600 years to complete its journey around the Sun, it would have collided with the planet Tiamat which would have split in two and would have given the Earth and the Moon.

During certain periods Nibiru freezes and to warm it up, the Anunnaki create a greenhouse effect by spreading Uranium, helium and gold in its atmosphere.

But the planet is poor in gold. The opportunity to obtain more came when King Anunnaki Allalou, deposed from Nibiru and a refugee on Earth, discovered that there was abundant gold on this planet.

The face on Mars

On a Sumerian tablet it is written:

“On the great mountain of Mars, they carved with the rays, the image of Allalou, which his face looks forever towards Nibiru where he ruled and towards the Earth where he discovered gold.”

So the famous face on Mars would be the representation of King Allalou’s face:


We are also told that 5000 years ago the Sumerians represented all the planets of our solar system including Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, which were recently discovered.

When the new king of Nibiru, Anu, learned that there was gold on Earth, he led an expedition accompanied by his sons Enki and Enlil and other members of the royal family as well as scientists and soldiers.

Anu arrives in southern Mesopotamia, where he establishes Eridu, which means “house away from home”. The Sumerian tablets quote the Anunnaki as “those who came from heaven on Earth”, they tell that Anu confined former King Allalu to Mars and that the Anunnaki began building the settlements necessary for the mission.

In need of water and carbohydrate, they created Eden, a field of agriculture and livestock, and as they explored the entire Earth, they discovered an abundant gold deposit in southern Africa.

Then King Anu left and left the command of the mission to Enlil his heir while Enki led the gold mines in present-day Zimbabwe.

After a while, the Anunnaki explorers used to extract the gold went on strike.

In the Bible, written millennia later and based on Sumerian narratives, the Anunnaki are called Elohim (the gods) and this rebellion is represented by angels who disobey God’s orders.

The creation of man

At that time, herds of homo erectus lived in southern Africa, observing them, Enki realized that these primates were adapted to dig the ground, so he captured an erectus female and brought her to Enlil, the head of the mission.

He gives permission to perform manipulations and the medical group Anunnaki genetically manipulates an egg of this female, grafting it to an egg of Ninursag, Enki’s wife (if you followed the link above, to the article “The Sumerian Origin of the Bible”, you know that the goddess Ninursag has many names such as Mama, and that she could be the universal mother…).

Thus, about 200,000 years ago, a physically strong and intelligent sterile male hybrid was born.

The Anunnaki called him Lulu and cloned a thousand of them, most of them transported them to Africa.

Created to obey and work, the lulus integrate concepts that do not exist in nature, that of God by recognizing the superior capacity of the Anunnaki and that of immortality derived from the fact that they can never see the death of the Anunnaki since their life expectancies exceed thousands of Earth years.

Then excited and amused by this experience, Enlil will ask these doctors to create new beings by mixing the DNA of the lulu with that of the other animals, it would be from there that all the figures half man half animal in mythologies come.

But these beings, like the lulu, only lived for 100 years. The doctors created lulu continuously but in insufficient numbers and the work dragged on, it was then that Enki understood that it was necessary to have a fertile lulu, capable of procreating so as not to have to go through the laboratories anymore.

Enlil disagreed, he feared an uncontrollable growth of these beings who could then rebel and defeat their missions, but Enki argued that more lulu was needed to complete the mission and Enlil eventually accepted.

They therefore created the first men, the adama or homo sapiens, created in the image of the Anunnaki gods.

The adama was an improved lulu that lived 300 years, strong and 2 meters high.

The adama thus ended up replacing the lulus, although Enlil and some of the Anunnaki viewed this experience negatively and were ready to exterminate all men.

Enki, for his part, continued to affirm the need for the adama for the mission and for the management of this planet in the future.

A problem will then arise later when Enki knockes up 2 human females and they give birth to sons.

When Enlil finds out, he is mad with rage, he accuses human females of original sin and drives humans out of Eden, in the biblical version, it is the return from the earthly paradise.

In Africa, Enki does not hunt anyone, on the contrary he teaches superior knowledge to some humans to make them the first kings, the rest of men must continue to dig the earth to extract gold.

The departure of Enlil

About 100,000 years ago, King Anu died, so Enlil had to return as soon as possible to take back the throne and declared the end of the mission, he wished all the Anunnaki to leave but Enki decided to keep him as he already had his throne in Africa.

Enlil gets angry and asks the Mohais on the Easter Island to keep him under control while with the other Anunnaki he leaves the Earth.

About 50,000 years ago Enki and his court left Zimbabwe for Erin in the Middle East, then he married the most deserving king’s daughters to his sons and from these unions were born exceptional beings, the hero gods.

Then Enki sent these Hero Gods to conquer the entire earth already occupied by the humans who had been driven out of Eden.

The hero gods thus set out to conquer the earth and they will be the builders of all the ancient mythical cities of which there are still traces today.

About 12,000 years ago, Enlil’s space fleet, now King of Nibiru, returned to Earth to eliminate human beings.

It sends a destructive ray that falls between Morocco and present-day Spain, causing a gigantic spill of water from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean that will destroy many places, including Eridu, the deluge of the Bible.

Enki warned King Siusura, the biblical Noah, who was building a large boat where he took refuge with his family and animals.

Other survivors settled not far from Eridu where they founded the city of Ur, the first Sumerian city.

Enlil then left for Mars, which he had to evacuate. The Sumerians then discovered their Anunnaki neighbours and worshipped them as gods.

The Anunnaki decided to teach them some of their knowledge, so that later the Sumerians would invent writing and record the knowledge taught by the gods such as astronomy, agriculture, architecture, on clay tablets.

The gods then decided to share the land, Rama, the Indian god, Wang, also called the Yellow Emperor settled in China, Anunnaki Yavé when he occupied Palestine. Yavé then made an alliance pact with his friend Abraham….

The departure of the Anunnaki from Earth

About 5000 years ago a revolt broke out on Nibiru, Enlil was on Mars and left it in a very bad mood, he arrived on Nibiru and committed so much injustice that he ended up being denied by his own royal family who forced him into exile, it was Enki who was then urgently recalled to Nibiru as heir to the throne.

Enki who wishes to leave the management of the Earth to men bait the other Anunnaki spread throughout the world by promising them that if they follow him he will share with them the power over Nibiru.

Thus, about 5000 years ago, the Anunnaki abandoned the Earth, the Sumerian annotations ended on that date, that is how prehistory ended and our history began.

If what the Sumerians say is true, it explains the lack of evidence of the Darwinian evolution of man and the huge stone constructions that our technology today cannot match.

If this is not true, congratulations to those Sumerians who invented this fantastic story 5000 years ago.


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un passant 20 November 2019 - 11 h 36 min

Excellent article. Je vous invite à lire sur le même sujet l’Enuma Elish- la Genèse Babylonienne de Louis Galador. Il s’agit du poème intégral avec des explications historiques et mythologiques pour bien comprendre l’origine des Anunnaki et des Igigi selon les babyloniens (disponible chez Amazon). Il y a aussi le livre de jean Bottéro Lorsque les dieux faisaient l’homme mais celui-ci est épuisé depuis des années. Amicalement.

pierre 21 November 2019 - 0 h 48 min

Salut Passant,

Merci pour le lien, j’ai mis un extrait de l’Enuma Elish dans l’article :

L’origine sumérienne de la Bible, les preuves
Une comparaison qui démontre que la Bible s’est inspirée de ce texte.

Donc oui, ce livre m’intéresse.

Et je viens de voir qu’on trouve “Lorsque les Dieux Faisaient l’Homme” en livre audio sur Amazon.


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