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Teaching about out-of-body experience (OBE) or Astral Projection, by the Rose-Crosse

Teaching about out-of-body experience (OBE) or Astral Projection, by the Rose-Crosse

Here is the technique that is taught by the cross roses, to practice the exit out of the body or Astral Projection.

Today the secret teaching of the cross roses, which could be linked to the teachings given in Egyptian mystery schools, is accessible to the public.

Normally the student should have read the many other courses, done the other exercises, passed the different circles before reaching the practice of going out of the body or projection, as the Roses crosses

But there are already many methods for practicing astral travel on the net, and this teaching is similar to the other techniques given, so no secrets are violated here and this can allow the curious to see what a teaching given by the Roses-Cross looks like.

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Out-of-body experience: projection method

We will give you the steps to follow to project your psychic body: first, you must sit comfortably in a dark or semi-dark room.

Then wait a moment, until you are perfectly relaxed, without any tension in the limbs and no pressure on any part of the body, and stay that way for a few minutes.

Then start focusing your attention on the consciousness in your feet, right down to the tips of your toes.

Then move on to the ankles, calves, knees, thighs, hips, abdomen, chest, hands, arms, shoulders, neck, face, head and finally hair and scalp.

At each point on which you concentrate, you awaken a sensation, which allows you to become aware of all the parts of your body, to feel the life that runs through your blood.

This is intended to awaken psychic awareness in all parts of your body, and you should spend at least five minutes on it.

Follow this period of concentration with a deep breath that you will hold for as long as possible, then exhale slowly until the lungs have returned to their normal capacity, and while you exhale the air, say slowly: “RA”. Make sure to draw air through your nose and reject it through your mouth.

Finally, as you release the air through your mouth and finish saying “RA”, exercise your will to free your psychic body, to expel it from your physical body.

You will feel something, or maybe you will see something moving in front of you, out of your body, maybe slightly above it, a few minutes later, you will feel it returning to your body.

If you do not see or experience anything, it will be because you have not succeeded in the experience.

Astral Projection : analysis of the experience

The results obtained during such experiments can be summarily classified as follows:

Some will have been sleepy or will have actually fallen asleep during the experiment.

This indicates that, physically, they were too tired.

Others may simply have experienced tingling or numbness in their arms or legs, without any other impression.

This indicates that the concentration on all parts of the body was not sufficient before practising breathing, and that they therefore only awakened the arms and legs of the psychic body.

Still others will have felt that they were only slightly out of their physical body, then quickly returned to physical or objective consciousness.

This means that they have not gone further than their own aura, and that the novelty of this experience has made them bring back their psychic body, as a result of fear or timidity.

Some are partially successful and realize that something seems to leave the physical body but remains close by, with or without mental impressions.

This means that the psychic body has not gone further than the aura that surrounds the human body, as a result of the brevity of the concentration on the psychic body before making the deep breath and holding it back.

Sometimes the psychic body seems to have left the physical body but returned so suddenly that there was a mental shock of a few seconds, usually due to fear or a feeling of cold on the psychic body, which was transmitted to the physical body, leading the nervous system and the objective consciousness to quickly complete the experience.

There should be no fear of this exercise, as there is no danger to the body, consciousness or nervous system for which it constitutes a rest and benefit.

Fewer people succeed in the projection, who see or feel the psychic body leave the body and return to it, but have few impressions of scenes or messages.

However, they can reasonably expect that gradually the psychic body will put itself in resonance to receive such impressions.

Finally, some have been so successful that they have made the projection, or duplication over a relatively long period of time, with few or many impressions, indicating good development.

Failure, total or partial, should not discourage you.

It is necessary to show patience and perseverance.

Continue the experiments, but if, after a few more unsuccessful attempts, you do not get more results, you can try to improve the effectiveness of our technique by practicing your deep breathing with your hands, fingers carefully crossed, near the abdomen, so that they remain close to the solar plexus.

You will remain in this posture throughout the exercise.


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