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Astral Travel Guide, how to get out of your body

Astral Travel Guide, how to get out of your body

A video to discover the Astral journey and learn how to get out of your body. Gundal is an artist who has been practicing Astral travel for years, in this interview with the magnificent Nora of the youtube channel Nuréa TV, he talks to us about his travels and gives us tips on how to practice.

A guided tour by an Astral backpacker

Gundal is a painter and martial artist, he had his first experience of decorporation at a very young age and has therefore been practicing the Astral journey for many years.

Based on his experience, he tells us about his travels, his incredible encounters with celestial entities and structures with magnificent shapes and colours that he tries to reproduce on his paintings after his return.

Gundal’s advice to experience the Astral trip

In this video, Gundal gives us advice so that we can in turn practice the Astral journey.

One of his techniques is basically to take control of his dreams, to imagine running with a kite, (I think the kite is actually a bit like the soul coming out of the body and the thread that holds it is the silver thread of the soul) and after a while in a descent you could experience the exit.

He also tells us that it is very important to want it intensely and to plan the exit, to plan a departure time and a return time.

Sounds that help to get out of the body

Gundal also gives us tips to practice, like listening to sounds that help with decorporation, he advises the emi Sync sound of Robert Monroe, I found this on youtube :

and another one that is more pleasant to listen to:

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Links given by Gundal

At the end of the video Gundal gives us links to dig, here they are: The Akhena site

Jeanne GUESNE “Instant of Life”

An exciting woman, that would have deserved a longer interview.

Serge Boutboul :

Remi Chauvin: remy-chauvin–a-paranormal-scientist

He also talks about William Buhlman:

Travel beyond the body – William Buhlman

Francis Lefebure:

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