The Stargate and the Egyptian Pyramid Secret, an incredible discovery

One day, a certain Patrick Lambert wondered how numbers could be represented universally, he did not think that his research would lead him to make an extraordinary discovery in Egypt, that of the stargate......

Here is a summary of one of his conferences:

The research that led to the discovery of the Stargate

Because I wanted to represent the figures in a universal way, without any cultural reference, I gradually ventured on a path that led me to make an incredible discovery...

This is not a question of complex science or calculations.

The demonstration that follows is made up of simple things, little things, intuitions, observations within everyone's reach.

I have only highlighted very small details that have been sleeping for a long time in plain sight.

Indeed, all the elements of the discovery were there, in the right place.

All you had to do was give them a meaning.

So here is how this reflection began, which led me to discover the probable location of the stargate, which I believe is still in Egypt today...

Finding a universal way to represent numbers

It all started with a challenge for me: if mathematical language was the universal language par excellence, then there had to be a universal way of representing time (numbers).

It was this representation, understandable by all regardless of culture and education, that I proposed to establish.

Guided by a principle of schematic simplicity, I therefore had fun imagining how man could draw time in an intelligible and universal way.

I quickly reached a first result:

The first question that comes to us, in front of this diagram, is to know if there is really a logical and intelligent reason that pushes us to represent the number UN by a vertical line...

In reality, one point would ultimately be a much more logical representation because it is much simpler.

The point is indeed the simplest and most representative drawing to logically embody the number UN through a drawing.

Then I realized that my point was also a circle.

Indeed, the circle is a point that would be observed more closely.

Finally, I came to the conclusion that the UN could be a perfect circle.

From that point on, it is obvious that all my other numbers had to relate to my circle to be so unique and achieve absolute geometric rigour.

Indeed, if I had to invent new figures figures without taking into account the One, the reasoning could not stand upright.

Because the One is the first and the rest follows.

The number TWO is just as interesting to draw in its simplest and most logical form.

I obviously thought I would represent BOTH by two points... and therefore two circles.

However, the weakness of this representation quickly became apparent to me because of the gap between the two points.

This void can indeed be immense, because space and time are two very relative perceptions.

The figure of two bars next to each other was also not appropriate for the same reasons.

Starting from the beginning circle, I drew a separation line to mark BOTH but this new representation was not more logical, because the separation line still represented the void that can exist between the two sides of the circle.

Finally, the only simple and logical way to draw BOTH is to intersect two lines like this +.

Because an encounter is formed in its center and there, only there, we can say that we are two at the center of the encounter.

In addition, contained in a circle, the intertwining of two lines is equilateral.

All sides are equal.

What is the simple and logical design with THREE equal sides that can represent the number 3?

It is the equilateral triangle of course, because in a circle it is the one and only possible shape.

By drawing the first three digits with this principle of simplicity, logic and geometric rigour, we realize that the result is similar to us.

Indeed, the ONE, TWO and THREE successively placed in the sense of the law of gravity gives us the representation of a drawing in our likeness, the one that every young child makes when he wants to represent a human being standing on the earth.

When it comes to representing the number four, the square is obviously the one that comes to mind.

This is logical since in a circle it is the only form with four equal sides.

The fifth is a pentagon. The six is a hexagon. I stop at six because it's the beginning of time.

Let us not forget that the first system of time division, which the Sumerians themselves inherited from older civilizations, was originally a sexagesimal system.

Then let us return to our human being with both feet on the ground.

Well, just below him, the four looks like a pyramid seen from the stars.

And just after the FOUR, the pyramidal figure seen from the sky, is the five which is represented by a star.

If I want to represent a place, I will have to draw this place as accurately as possible.

For example, to represent the earth in the most perfect and logical way, we would have to draw its position in the solar system.

The sun would be the center of gravity of the system and then we would simply have to draw the planets that precede the earth to identify it.

We would therefore represent the planets Mercury, Venus and then the Earth in proportion.

This alone would indicate that the Earth is the third planet in the solar system.

Yet, precisely, what is strange is that there is a human construction on earth that fulfils exactly these conditions.

When his research takes him to Egypt and the stars

These are the three great pyramids of the Giza Plateau that are precisely the reflection of the first three planets of the solar system.

Indeed, if I had to create an accurate portrait of the earth, for an aerial view, I could not draw a more accurate picture than that of the three pyramids.

The three planets Mercury, Venus, Earth correspond not only proportionally to the size of the three Pyramids, Mykerinos, Khephren, Cheops, but especially Mykerinos has a 9° offset in angle compared to the other two pyramids.

Mercury has exactly the same 9° offset from the elliptical.

If we now return to our initial schema, we therefore have a representation of the Earth just below the human appearance.

That makes sense. Thus, by drawing time intelligently, we realize that the configuration of the first four digits represents the appearance of the "human being, inhabitant of the earth".

As we have seen above, the FIVE, represented by a five-pointed star, comes immediately after the earth, whose representation corresponds to a pyramid seen from the stars.

Logically we can deduce that the Five means "the sky of the Earth" and you will see that this expression also refers to a map.

The six, the six-pointed star represents the brightest star in the sky: Sirius. It so happens that the elders have always represented Sirius in this way:

We will now turn to the stars.

When we look at the sky, the eye is immediately drawn to the brightest stars and our attention almost systematically focuses on the constellation of Orion.

We then realize that the alignment of the three stars of the Orion belt, which form a perfect reflection of the configuration of the three pyramids of Giza, leads to the brightest star in the sky, which is Sirius.

So in a few moments, the eye encompasses the vision of the pyramids, the stars, and the brightest star.

Now if we compare the three stars of Orion's belt to the pyramids, we realize that this resemblance is perfect.

Therefore, the configuration of the stars could serve as a map of the Cairo region plateau.

If this hypothesis is correct, the brightest star, Sirius, should correspond to something quite significant on Earth.

As the brightest star, much like a treasure map, it should represent the big X where the treasure was hidden.

Sirius' location therefore represents for us the place to reach on Earth.

Thus, "The Five", the star, "the sky of the earth" leads us to discover a "map of the earth in the sky" that will allow us to reach the location on Earth, of Sirius, the SIX, the brightest star.

Cairo, when ancient and modern represent a map of the sky

So I superimposed the sky map centered on Orion, with the map of the Cairo region centered on the pyramids.

The first obvious match is the Milky Way.

As many already know, this river of fire composed of billions of stars merges on Earth with the river of water, the Nile when the axis of the three pyramids is superimposed with that of the Orion belt.

After that, I went to see on the earth map the area corresponding to the brightest star in the sky.

An aerial view shows that the entire district was designed as a gigantic door with its porch and windows.

This is a very frequent and very old door model that is often found in church architecture.

It is the only district in Cairo with such a configuration.

However, the brightest star is located exactly in the centre of the semi-circle of this door, where there is usually a rosette and sometimes a lantern.

The brightest star represented on earth is therefore at the heart of a huge door-shaped design, the "Star Gate".

A close-up of the star's location shows us the presence of an architectural ensemble composed of six hexagons that draw a six-pointed star with truncated points.

No doubt, it is indeed a representation of Sirius as we have drawn it ourselves.

Now we're thinking we're putting our finger on something.

Now that we know that the stars form a map of the Giza Plateau, we simply need to decipher it and understand how it works.

Today, it is obviously very easy to find Sirius' location directly.

It is enough to superimpose satellite and astronomical images.

So I wondered how it was possible to achieve the same result without relying on current technology.

I then became interested in the brightest place and the closest to Orion's belt and therefore the easiest to locate: the nebula that forms Orion's harness.

Its scientific name is M42.

Orion harness, M42

Once positioned at this point on Earth, it will be enough to look in the direction of the pyramids and wait for the stars to position themselves intelligently in relation to the ground configuration.

When the pyramids and observation sites are in the same position as Orion's belt and harness, then it will be possible to calculate and define Sirius' position on the ground.

I therefore deduced that this observation pole must be a very important place, because it is at this place that the celestial map must make sense.

I finally discovered that every night between December 20 and 31, the observer on M-42 sees the constellation of Orion fly over the pyramids.

While the Milky Way is aligned with the pyramid on the left, Cheops, which represents the earth, the axis of the constellation is perfectly aligned with the second pyramid, Khephren, the pyramid of the centre, the one representing Venus, which is the only one of the three pyramids to have kept its limestone coating at its top.

Khephren's pyramid

This coating is like a sight in the center of a sight and there too it is not necessarily a coincidence.

Looking to the left above the horizon we can see the constellations:

- The big dog and the little dog.
- The big lion and the little lion.
- The Big Dipper and the Little Dipper.

The first thing to note is that the constellations of Lions and Dogs look like lions and dogs.

But not the Bears.

Bears resemble two abstract symbols that invert each other.

One that touches our planet from its end, and the other that touches a very particular star at its end: the North Star, the only star that is fixed to the Earth's rotation and is therefore unique to the Earth.

It is surprising to see that these two symbols, which are reversed, logically suggest by their opposite end a notion of link and alignment between heaven and earth.

This is exactly what happens with the constellation of Orion, the Milky Way and the pyramids.

The second thing to note is that Dogs, Lions and Bears are the only three constellations out of the 88 existing ones, drawn in doubles, small and large.

However, these constellations are configured like pyramids: Bears and Lions are aligned.

Lions correspond to Khephren/Venus and are slightly smaller than Bears which correspond to Kheops/Earth; dogs are much smaller and correspond to Mykerinos/Mercury.

Finally, as a result of "chance", the dog's constellations also have a 9° offset from the alignment of the other constellations.

That's still a lot of chance?!

In reality, we have the impression that each time we see the Earth's position in relation to the sun represented, with a multidimensional mirror effect.

The great Dog and the small Dog do not touch the horizon.

Turning to the east, where the Sphinx looks, we will find the reflection of the Sphinx, the Great Lion and the Little Lion.

The Lion looks towards Orion exactly like the observer on M-42.

Turning the head a little further, we find the two bears and we see that the Big Dipper indicates the ground between the north and northeast, like a big question mark that would point the ground.

Obviously, this appointment is not permanent and only occurs at a very specific time of year.

Indeed, as I said earlier, it is only between December 20 and 31 that the natural axis of the constellation of Orion passes over the central pyramid, which is the only one with a very distinct point that is like a "chevron" of a stargate.

The size of the "chevron" thus allows us to know the time during which the stargate is active: about ten days a year.

This is the time during which the famous straight line in the constellation of Orion remains vertical to the pyramid of Khephren.

It should not be forgotten that this alignment is only visible from the location of the M-42 nebula on earth.

But be careful, this annual meeting at the end of December is not valid for all eternity.

It is only since the beginning of 2000 that this vertical straight line has been precisely at the centre of the tip of the Khephren pyramid.

2000 years ago, this vertical straight line was far to the left.

In fact, this alignment (which makes it possible to locate Sirius on earth and perhaps discover the buried treasure) has only been taking place above this "chevron" since 1950.

And it should be noted that the constellation will leave the "chevron" by the right in 2050.

It is therefore probably only during this short period of a century, from 1950 to 2050, that the stargate can be activated.

It is only during this period that the Earth is in perfect balance with the Milky Way, and therefore the heart of the galaxy.

The vertical axis of the Orion constellation on the cursor of the Khephren pyramid thus gives the image of a perfectly balanced balance.

Note that this configuration has never happened before.

We can conclude that this system was not created on a human scale, but rather on a global scale.


This means that those who built the pyramids did so for our time because they were aware that this period of balance must be an essential step in the life of our planet.

In fact, we are living in a very special time and we all feel this vibratory acceleration movement that shakes the planet and shakes time.

Technological change is reflecting our reality and soon we will no longer even know the difference between what is true and what is false...

The land site of M-42, an Egyptian army shooting club

It is high time now to go to the M-42 land site, since it is from this site that I believe the scheme must find its coherence.

I must admit that my apprehension was great when I went to see the first time on Google Earth.

I felt a deep concern as I always had to check the validity of my theory in concrete terms.

As it happens, the site corresponds to the entrance of the Remaya Club, the Armed Forces Shooting Club.

An area obviously forbidden to the public.

Egyptian Army Shooting Club

Firing Club of the Egyptian army; the star gate?

Club Remaya

First observation, the entire park at the entrance looks like a door similar to the one we saw at the location of the brightest star on earth.

So we are well in our element.

The entrance to the club overlooks a large park with a ring and a large rectangular fountain.

The ring has the same dimensions as the stargate, about 6.5 metres.

On the sides of the ring, red stones can be seen spaced at regular distances, such as the red rafters of the stargate.

The grass in the center of the ring looks burned as if it had been trampled.

Let us remember that this club of the Egyptian armed forces is anything but a public place.

The rectangular basin behind the ring is lined with many very realistic dolphin sculptures that look like they are diving into the basin.

Other Dolphins in the center are frozen in the same diving position.

This presence is particularly disturbing and closely related to our research.

Stargate: an alignment that occurs every 5000 years

Below is an overview of all the monuments and buildings of interest to us here, with their position in relation to each other. 

But this alignment, as we have seen more, does not happen at any time.

In fact, it hasn't happened for thousands of years!

It was only from 1950 to 2050 that the axis of the Orion constellation was perfectly aligned with the vertical of the pyramids.

And this, only during the period from December 20 to 31 of each year.

The ancients therefore did not use this technique only to locate Sirius' position on Earth.

For this is only possible in our time if we take the pyramid of the centre as a point of reference.

But 5,000 years ago, this perfect alignment occurred vertically in the Great Pyramid.

And probably in 5000 years, it will be vertical to the smallest of the three pyramids.

So what does all this alignment give us?

Some kind of space-time window?

A specific time and place on Earth?

Perhaps, is this a message for our time?

Storm during Jean Michel Jarre's concert at the foot of the pyramids, December 31, 1999

On December 31, 1999, at the time of the transition to the year 2000, a grandiose show featuring Jean-Michel Jarre was organized at the foot of the pyramids.

During this show a huge golden pyramid was to be placed at the top of the pyramid of Cheops by helicopter.

Mysteriously, a terrible sandstorm broke out and the pyramidion show had to be cancelled.

Another strange fact is that cameras were lost in the desert that we never found again.

There were also four cameras that were lost when the live feed started, which were never found again.

There were three areas for the show: the stage area, the desert area, and then the pyramids area.

So there were three television crews filming.

And in fact, the security people, at the beginning of the concert, cut cables thinking they were unidentified cables.

And there are things that have been filmed, thinking they would be live, that we've never seen...

According to the people who were there, you couldn't see anything anymore and the atmosphere was very strange.

As in Bible times, when God lifted the storm or created a cloud to hide or forbid access to certain places at a specific time.

If we still had faith, we would be led to believe that this event is a sign from heaven!

Why not? Why not?

Considering Patrick Lambert's research, this date, this time, this precise minute, this place coincided with the center of the period between 1950-2050 of the opening of the Stargate.

This is the moment when the alignment was most perfect.

Let us forget the fact that our so-called Gregorian calendar marked an important date - the change of century and millennium - but that it was the sky with its cosmic calendar that was there.

Who understood what just happened in Egypt, under our eyes closed by the wind and sand of the storm?

What really happened on 31 December 1999 at the foot of the pyramids?

Video: Patrick Lambert's conference on the Stargate

In french.

The Stargate starts 1

The Stargate leaves 2

The Stargate leaves 3

The Stargate leaves 4

The Stargate leaves 5

The Stargate leaves 6

The strange story of Patrick Lambert with the staff of the Egyptian Embassy

After his discoveries, Patrick contacted the Egyptian Embassy in Montreal.

He wanted to inform them by advising them that there might be an interest from a tourism point of view.

Without taking him too seriously, the people at the embassy agreed to give him half an hour.

When Patrick started his presentation, people were so excited that four hours later he was still there.

Some people at the embassy even confirmed that he was right.

Where the story gets strange is when he wanted to get back in touch with the people at the embassy a little later to get some news.

He was then told that all those he had spoken to had been repatriated to Egypt. They had all been replaced by new emissaries....

By the way, we haven't heard from Patrick Lambert in a few years, I hope he's doing well, well if anyone has heard from him, you can give some feedback.

Because one could have imagined that he would continue his research, but since these conferences, there is no trace of him on the net.

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