The Revelation of the Pyramids and other sacred sites, news 2017

If you are passionate about mysteries, vanished civilizations, the enigmas of history, then you have certainly already seen or heard of the documentary "The Revelation of the Pyramids" by Jacques Grimault and Patrice Pooyard.

View the documentary: The Revelation of the Pyramids

Be careful, according to the French creators, the English version of the documentary has been modified and a lot of information has been removed.

So if you want to see the full version, watch the video in French, you can have the subtitles in English on youtube.

The Revelation of the Pyramids:  English version

The Revelation of the Pyramids:  French version

The questions we ask ourselves after seeing the documentary

Who built the pyramids? With which technology? Why are details of the construction of other sacred sites around the world similar to the structures in Egypt?

This documentary, which is ranked on youtube in the top 10 most viewed documentaries of all time, raises many questions, the first of which is:

Are Egyptologists incompetent? Do they block research to prevent the questioning of already accepted theories or do they deliberately hide the truth from us?

But perhaps the reason is actually political:

The true secret of Tutankhamun finally revealed

The revelation in the face of the Nababs of archaeology

There are really shameful practices in archaeology and in related fields, known practices, often denounced and easy to understand, which mean that humanity's knowledge is blocked by a few privileged people who do not want to lose their status:

Archaeologists make discoveries and from these discoveries they develop theories.

When these theories are accepted, it gives them a status, they become experts on the subject, write books and give many lectures, in short it is fame.

Subsequently, they are often appointed to key positions in their fields and lead many researchers and students who depend on them for research and project funding.

Then if a new discovery leads to a review and undermines their theory, they ignore it to protect their gains, if others talk about it, they use the power they have acquired, put pressure on those who now depend on them and all do their best to discredit their opponents.

Unfortunately, those at the top of Egyptology are like that and constitute a small caste that protects its interests against new discoveries.

Geology questions the age of the Sphinx

Thus Egyptologists do not want to listen to geologists who question the age of the Sphinx by taking as proof the traces of erosion.

The erosion of the ancient visible parts of the Sphinx is due to water and not to wind and sand as previously thought. On the Giza plateau, it is the only monument to have suffered such erosion.

As a result, the Sphinx is from a different era that dates back to a temperate climate era.

But this goes against what the nababs say about Egyptology, so....

Traces of nicotine and cocaine on Egyptian mummies

Mrs Michèle Lescot, a taxonomist and specialist in plant anatomy, discovered traces of tobacco on the mummy of Ramès II, a discovery confirmed by another specialist: Steffan, from the Museum's entomology laboratory and Professor Metcalfe in England, internationally known for his work in plant anatomy.

Svetla Balabanova, a toxicologist and forensic scientist at the laboratory of the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Munich, discovered not only nicotine, but also cocaine, another plant that at the time was only supposed to grow in South America.

Subsequently, other researchers have found traces of cocaine and nicotine on other Egyptian mummies, but Egyptologists, who are advancing with great blinders, still refuse to recognize these discoveries.

In the meantime, you can complete your knowledge about Giza, its pyramids and monuments with this video:

Pyramid Revelation: Giza 2005

Separation of Jacques Grimault and Patrice Pooyard.

Update 2016: The duo has split up, now they are working separately.

It seems that Jacques Grimault used the work of others and that his so-called next major revelations were in fact nothing more than a pipe dream.

In this video, on "The Discipline of Transmission of the Builders", Jacques Grimault explains himself on the rupture and remains really very vague on the revelations he promised, even going so far as to say that they would come after his death...

The revelation of the pyramids 2 - Interview with Jacques Grimault 02/2017

In this interview a participant asks him a question about the March pyramids and is sad to have to wait for the next episodes to get an answer.

In fact, I had already read a book on it, it seems to me that it is in this book: Guizeh, beyond the great secrets, of Guy Gruals and Guy Mouny, authors who also spoke before Grimault, about all the mathematical calculations around the pyramids.

According to some Grimault was inspired by their work, but according to Grimault, he himself would have informed them, but it doesn't matter, the important thing is that these discoveries be shared.

There's a radio show on there:

From the pyramids of Egypt to the pyramids of March

Patrice Pooyard also works on his side, following this documentary. You can follow him on his page Facebook.

Ancestral Civilizations: Jacques Grimaud on September 01, 2017

Last interview of Jacques Grimaud on Nuréa TV, unfortunately there is not much interesting, he brings everything back to the next documentaries.

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