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Scott W’s near-death experience (NDE)

Scott W's near-death experience (NDE)

Among all the testimonies of near-death experience (NDE or EMI) that can be found on the net, Scott W’s is particularly interesting.

Nominal death experience: the night of my heart attack

I realized that when I had prayed, something different had happened regarding the degree of relationship of my prayer.

I didn’t feel like I was out of my body.

From the moment I realized that I was in stop, I had the feeling that I had a very powerful sense of perception, collectively.

I was in what I assumed was the triage room or cardiac emergency room, as the helicopter had indeed landed.

We knew my condition, I still have to ask the doctor where I was taken exactly when the helicopter arrived.

There were many people waiting. It turned out that the doctor and the team were about to finish their shift when the call was received.

They just stayed to take care of me. The doctor started to inform me of the procedure they were going to perform, I felt tears running down my cheeks.

I wanted my family to be there.

I wanted to feel their presence nearby. I wanted my mother. I wanted her to be close; I wanted her to be present. I wanted to tell my son that I loved him.

After the blurred lyrics, it was again darkness. The feeling came back, the feeling that I had a really big problem.

I wanted to sleep, I just wanted to close my eyes. I thought:

“What he’s telling me is going to hurt and I don’t want to feel it, do I? ».

I wanted to take a nap, I hoped to wake up and that everything would be over.

“Doctor, I’m going to close my eyes now, I’m tired. It looks like it’s gonna hurt, okay? »

He looked at me holding my head, “Okay, Scott, relax, we’ll take care of you. ».

I knew he meant it.

I asked: “Doctor”


“Please don’t let me die. I know I have a problem and it’s really bad. Please don’t let my body die. »

“Okay Scott, rest now. Just rest, I’m not asking you for anything, it’s too much tension. ».

He smiled at me and I tried to return it to him.

“Please tell them that I love them”

He replied, “I’ll make sure you tell them yourself. »

It was surprising that I could feel that they were still on the way, or maybe they had just moved away.

I closed my eyes and for the first time, I felt that everything was going to be fine. I stopped fighting and the darkness came on me.

Nominally near-death experience: the journey

I felt a slight start, then the black enveloped me.

I felt like I was walking down a hallway.

What was going on? I tried to open my eyes.

They were closed and I couldn’t open them.

My first thought was, “Gee, that was fast. The doctors treated me quickly. ».

I felt that my family was near the hospital, maybe even already arrived, yet I couldn’t see them.

I was only seeing what looked like a barely lit room.

I thought I was in a recovery room. I was lonely and cold. I remember thinking to myself, “I should be covered. »

I kept hearing a thought in my mind: “Boy, your eyes are closed! »

I remembered telling the doctor I was going to take a nap. “I’m leaving, good night! ».

I had done it, so I thought I must still be asleep.

I kept trying to see around me.

Something was different, something was wrong, I wondered if I was dead…” Nooonnn, I’m dreaming. ».

I drifted through the void or space, unable to land on anything. At first there seemed to be no “ground”, no clouds in the sky. There was an aura, a light, weak, warm, golden and radiant.

Then my “senses” shifted and I found myself in what looked like a huge undulating plain.

It was there, it looked real, I was there too. But I felt like I was floating. I was cold, lonely, scared.

Other details emerged; I saw the herbs of this immense plain gently blown by a small breeze. It wasn’t a strong wind, just a light and warm breeze.

I could almost hear the rustling of the blades of grass like music, I watched their dancing giving the impression that they were talking. I felt the music and the answer in return.

I looked around me. In the distance appeared blurry and misty silhouettes. It seemed like a distant assembly line low on the horizon and towards which we were driving.

It was like seeing a low, distant horizon, but as you get closer the mountains seem to grow.

It was almost the same, the mountains were far away and all around me. It was beautiful, like a picture, a perfect painting.

It was as if this place had been purified for me.

I felt like I was in the meadow where I used to go when I was disturbed, when I needed comfort.

I didn’t understand, but I started to feel safe, warm and comfortable.

I also felt something else, I thought I didn’t deserve to be there.

I had my past in mind and I thought I knew the truth about heaven, hell and the afterlife. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by the experience.

What seemed to be the sky was more than a simple stack of layers of brightly colored light.

It was like the sun just before it went down.

The heat it radiated began to make me feel safe and comfortable. I had never experienced this before.

I continued to struggle with the feeling that I didn’t deserve this place or that I didn’t belong there.

Every time I felt this conflict, I realized that I was not only “seeing” each of these things, they were also part of me and I was part of them.

The more I let go, the more I felt a buzzing, a vibration passing through my body.

For the first time, I noticed that my body was not my body. It looked like it, but in a different form, it glittered.

Although he looked like my earthly body, it wasn’t him.

Even if I had the impression that I still had my senses, they seemed more extensive, deep and different.

The vibration was soft but always present. Sometimes it looked like voices, instruments and, strangely enough, birds and other sounds that I couldn’t identify.

I remember thinking, “I understand why people think they hear angels singing. ».

I kept moving from one thing to another, it was beyond what I could understand as music.

In itself, these sounds were only tones. But together, I could float with them and they floated inside me.

At least that’s the impression I had. I felt so peaceful and serene. The only words I could use are: fullness, total acceptance.

Nominally near-death experience: meetings

As I held my arms wide apart, I realized that I was no longer alone. I knew I was in the presence of the Creator.

The Light had begun to shine more intensely, to shine less.

I felt the presence of something, something much greater than me that made me reverent, I felt a fear consisting of my own shame.

I kept telling myself: “I know I didn’t have faith; I KNOW THAT I DO NOT MERIT IT. ».

HOWEVER, I felt that this Presence was honored with my own presence.

Whatever I have felt, lived and seen, we are all connected. I was at home.

I was back.

It was strange that I felt sad that I couldn’t say goodbye to my family. I felt sadness, anger, guilt and shame in the midst of this beauty that I saw and felt.

In the distance, I saw the silhouette of a person coming towards me.

I had the feeling that I knew her very well, that she knew me very well, too well. I thought to myself, “This is not possible! ». But I couldn’t continue to doubt.

It didn’t take long for her to face me. She was wrapped in what seemed to be a dress with large floral motifs, colourful but beautiful.

When she approached, I thought, “What, who is it, Grandma and she has a PAREO. ».

She was very pretty, with an orchid in her hair.

She was much, much younger than I remember, as was my grandfather who was by her side.

He wore a white shirt, cream pants and a fedora slightly folded over his eyes.

I thought to myself, “Oh yes, it’s them. ». I laughed as I thought about the funny side of the situation. I remembered that she always talked about her trip to Hawaii, that she loved the clothes.

Grandpa had always been elegant. She let go of his hand to extend her arms to me. I had the feeling that we were laughing and crying, I can’t really describe the range of emotions that were going through us.

All I knew and felt was a sense of connection with them that I had always ignored.

My grandparents and I had been very close for most of my childhood.

He returned home many years before her, yet Granny’s love for him never ended.

After moving to the Midwest, I lost contact with her during her last years here on earth.

It seemed to me that she hugged me for a long time.

I felt like I was crying with joy and sadness.

I felt my grandfather’s presence again, so he seemed to remain a silent observer.

I stepped back, looked at my grandmother and asked her, “I’m dead, aren’t I? ».

She smiled and stretched her arm down. I looked in that direction.

I saw the emergency room, we were floating above it.

I saw the medical team take care of me. Someone was standing near my head that was tilted backwards.

Something was being inserted into my throat, I later learned that I had been intubated. At my height, another person was doing something with needles.

I didn’t want to see that. I later discovered that it was a nurse who was giving me infusions on my arm.

On each leg, a person would stick something near my groin. I later learned that it was cardio angioplasty and catheters for stents.

“Well, I still hate needles, don’t I? I’m not going to keep looking at this. ».

Another person above me was giving CPR and shouting, “Go Scott, go! ». I stopped looking.

I looked at Grandma and said, “Well, I’m screwed. I’ve seen enough. ».

I felt so sad and sorry that my family was on their way to this point.

Floating from the emergency room and crossing the roof, I saw them on a road in the dark.

My ex-wife and the children called me, telling me to hold on and wait for them.

I said that it would go well for me, that I would wait for them.

They said they loved me. I was so sad that I couldn’t be a part of my son’s life.

I hadn’t been able to say goodbye. It was not possible. For a moment I was angry for several reasons, but it seemed to get diluted.

“Grandma, what is this place? ». She replied: “My little one, that’s where we all go when we die. ».

I looked around, it was so peaceful.

I heard music. I could see the mountains on the horizon, the sky was showing a series of crimsons, faded alizarines fading into Prussian blue and then into a magnificent darkness.

Apart from the Golden and Hot light, the sky was the most beautiful “sunrise” I have ever seen.

Behind me was the darkness. It was a night like the darkness of space.

The funny thing is that I felt like I was part of all this and it was connected to myself.

I wasn’t afraid. It was heaven. I knew I had tried to change my life.

Years earlier I had found faith in a greater strength than I did.

I had a feeling that I can only describe as love that knew no limits of time, space or consciousness.

It covers everything that has been, is and will be. I had read it, heard it, intellectualized it and believed it, but I had never felt it in my soul before.

We cannot buy love by our actions, nor control it by penance or faith, we just have to EXIST and we are loved no matter what.

I looked at Grandma and asked her, “What about those who have committed horrible acts against children or other humans? »

I continued: “And those who are bad to the core, who lie, steal, deceive, deceive, what do they deserve, the same thing as those who try to be good people? ».

I was facing personal problems and there were press headlines about people like Osama bin Laden and so on.

I addressed the light as if it was going to answer me: “What’s the point then, what would people do if they knew? ».

My grandmother was pious, she was a faithful member of our parish.

We belonged to the same church. My family was strongly committed to it.

My father was pastor and rector of our parish. One of my close relatives was permanently in the service of the parish church.

I had been on my own way to the ministry. Even if I had turned away from it many years earlier, the fundamental values were still there.

Grandma couldn’t lie to me, I trusted this woman, I thought she was going to tell me the truth.

She was one of the few people in my life against whom I had no resentment. She had never hurt me before.

Grandma had always loved me unconditionally, I only felt love from her.

I had problems of personal suffering, resentment and other illusions that had to be abandoned.

As if no one could hear us, I leaned more towards her as I whispered:

“Granny, is it really so or are we here because of our religion, or our way of believing or our faith? ».

She looked at me smiling and saying with such sweetness: “My little one, none of this has anything to do with this place.

We have only one period in our presence, our reality, our time.

It’s the only time you’re you. We suffer from our actions when we are on earth.

We suffer the consequences of our actions during our lives. We are loved and not judged here, we do not suffer here.

Our time was a gift. ». I asked, “Grandma, where is everyone then?”

Just as I was finishing my sentence, the vision I had mistaken for distant mountains came closer.

Then I suddenly felt the overwhelming presence of others.

At first they had no form, I could only perceive them. Then I saw glittering shapes that looked like bodies.

I could see faces, people, but I didn’t recognize them. There was no physical or emotional connection, yet I felt like I was part of them and they were part of me.

All around me and in me, they were waving at me as if to say: “Hello, welcome to your home. ».

From sparkling forms, they have been transformed into light, into luminous strings.

Each spirit constituted a single string, each string extended beyond the reach of my consciousness, beyond time and space.

Each rope moved around and through me, swinging like under a light breeze. Then the sky filled with luminous cords.

I could see through, inside, each one had a thin, long strand similar to a DNA helix.

Inside, each propeller contained memories from the time it was conceived, when atoms were one, to the time we became human.

Each one had its own reality, consciousness, time and space. Each one constituting a memory, but encoded in DNA.

These were all kinds of memories, past, present and future. All simultaneously and each in its own time had its own truth, reality and time.

I don’t know how, but each one was connected to someone living here. I was connected to Grandma who melted into a rope, then returned to the form in which I had initially seen her.

Then she reached out her hand to me. We followed the ropes, finally I became one of them.
While we were moving, we felt no sensation of movement, yet we were progressing very quickly.

During this trip, however, I could see behind, around and in front of me, we were time.

Looking back, I saw that many ropes emanated from the planet from living beings and the planet itself.

At first I saw our earth orbiting in its natural time, the solar system, galaxies.

We passed by an exploding star, we observed the birth of a star in a nebula, each of these events in its own time.

All extending into space, all connected to light.

It was alive, creating new forms, life, experiences and realities, all in love.

An existence cannot be renewed until it has completed its course. When it is done, it can reach its next reality, etc. etc. etc.

It was not a trip with a feeling like, “When do we get there? ” or “Are we coming soon? ».

On the contrary, there was no notion of time in itself for us, we simply moved at will.

We went beyond positions where the light was behind us and we were in a space, a time and a reality.

I felt the consciousness being formed, but not as we know it or understand it.

She was just doing her job, what she was supposed to do, period. Then it became clear that the whole thing, everything knew what it was supposed to do.

Something was giving directions.

I could see that even if there was consciousness, it seemed to have abandoned its Will to the Creator and accepted His truth. Then Grandma took my hand and we left.

The universe was full, absolutely full of strings of light and energy. They pulsed, they moved, and we were within them, we were part of them as they were part of us.

DNA extended over eternities; memories, connected, intertwined, but all moving according to the Light.

I saw molecules, atoms connecting, crossing, building and becoming new forms of life and consciousness.

Galaxies, stars, fish, trees, air, water, humans, all are structured forms, built from the whole universe.

Then we returned to the prairie, but it didn’t stop there.

I looked at my grandmother and the Light. Everything opened up, the enlightenment poured through me, from me and into me.

This cannot be altered, threatened, manipulated or biased. There is no question of illusion or fairy tales. It’s there now.

Everyone has his own time, in his own evolution, creating his own reality, living his own consciousness. We are part of it and it is part of us.

We really have nothing to fear, we are truly loved. There is such a great force that it can only be called “God”.

What intelligence is driving this? It’s like this whole thing is alive. We are part of this creation which is so beautiful; we have no words to express it.

Granny looked at me and said, “We suffer from the way we are on earth, after separating our Being or Spirit from the one Truth and creating a False Reality, we feel pain.

We are weakening our bond with this force.

My little one, our suffering is directly proportional to the level of separation of our Spirit from this place.

We all have it, we all integrate it. ». The spirits surrounded me again, the waves became so amplified.

Then visions of my life and others demonstrated how we divide lives, love and the only period we have here in this time and space.

I have seen how we have spoiled it with meanness, hatred, war, abuse of power, lies, harm done to others.

We lived this period being so separated from love and our truth that we deprived others of it because we cannot stand that they can have them and not us.

I have seen that we have created false truths, false realities because we abhor what we believe to be the truth.

We have almost, if not totally, ruined our lives, our hearts, our minds and our souls in order to continue to nourish illusions.

We keep this false love and false reality alive, only for this reason. We abandoned our bodies for a simple confirmation and our souls only to feel better.

The less we can heal, the less we can return to love, where it counts, the less we will recognize and repair our mistakes, the more we will perpetuate division, the more suffering will worsen and the more we will despair of hiding it.

However, I have seen in my case that when we return to the source, to love, to the place where it all began, we just have to face the reality of that place where it all began. We need to see the process that underlies what we thought was the truth.

I have seen how we are afraid, so afraid. After that, I saw the sun behind my grandmother getting warmer, brighter and stronger.

I felt an inexpressible love and comfort emanating from it. I felt a humility and honour radiate from the source that I could not express, I was forgiven.

All the light cords moved again in the direction of the light, which became radiant, to the point that I could no longer look at it. The brighter she shone, the more I felt attracted to her.

I knew that on the other side of the light was the next form, the next experience that awaited me. I was at home.

I could feel the others there but they were not there. They were experiencing their new reality.

I felt like I was giving up my family. I knew I could look at my son. I knew we were still connected.

They weren’t ready to let me go. I wanted to leave.

Then, in front of me, Grandma said to me: “My little one, you have to go back, it’s not your time. ».

I replied, “No, Grandma, I want to stay with you, I miss you, it’s home, I’m home.”

She smiled: “My little one, you are going to have to carry crosses again. You’re going to have to put up with some things. ».

I felt his sadness about it. I was shown some elements, some of them related to my health.

“My little one, you can’t leave now. It’s not your time. ».

I tried to force the way, but she stood there with her arms crossed, so I hugged her and told her I missed her. “I know, my little one. “she replied, “We miss you too, but we will see each other again. ».

My grandfather then reappeared. He was hugging both of us.

I then realized that we could take our links with us.

I was so moved by the power of love remaining between them and towards me.

I looked into the light as much as I could, it radiated with such intensity that I couldn’t continue, I looked away slightly.

The Light was vibrating through me. I felt loved and serene. I said, “I know who you are. I love you with all my heart.

I’ve missed you all my life. My life is yours. ».

I heard a voice from the Light: “My son, do not be afraid, you will not be alone and I will take care of you. ».

One after the other, I felt waves of light breaking through me, like arms around me and inside me, not attracting me to her but letting me go.

Nominal death experience: the return

My grandparents are missing. I felt like I was falling. I remember seeing a bird’s eye view of the hospital roof and the trees around the building.

I woke up five hours later in a hospital room.

I was totally on assistance. A pump replaced the heart because it could not pump by itself.

I had tubes in my throat and stomach because I couldn’t breathe and my blood was not oxygenated.

Vials of infusions were hanging everywhere. I was awake, fully aware of my environment.

The nurse rushed out of the room, then returned with the doctor.

I recognized him, I saw him intubating me, I remembered him in the emergency room the day before.

He applied a stethoscope to my chest and then to my neck. He said to me, “Blink once for yes, twice for no. ».

He asked me questions. I asked him for something to write about. I had to insist.

I drew a skinny man with an “X” next to his head, then I pointed to the doctor, then the tubes, then the doctor again.

Then I drew “X’s” where I had seen people and what they were doing to me.

He was speechless while I was drawing. Then tears fell on our respective cheeks.

He looked at me and wondered how I knew all this. I wrote, “I saw you do it. ».

I wrote in big letters, “THANK YOU for taking such good care of me to save me. ».

He replied that he was not the one who saved me.

It was the effort of a team whose captain had something important to do to me for saving me from the heart attack he had caused.

“No one survives these, Scott, no one. “he told me. I stayed in the hospital for 12 days, went back to work after 8 weeks.

Today I am on the waiting list for a heart transplant, I have had ups and downs, but the benefits I have received are amazing.

I radiate and vibrate with so much energy. I am attracted to people who need to heal, I am visited by spirits, I see them, I very quickly pick up the waves of others.

I can’t wear a watch or jewelry.

General information on Scott’s near-death experience

IME Date: 23/07/2007

At the time of your experience, was there an event that threatened your life?

Yes Heart attack, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, traumatic intubation; clinical death (cessation of respiratory, cardiac and cerebral functions)

I suffered an acute, traumatic myocardial infarction, with complications, the coronary artery and all the branches were blocked.

I had three stops, 8 minutes during intubation in the emergency room, during catheter placement, the heart stopped until the blockage was released and the stents were placed (which required 18 minutes during which time I had uninterrupted cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

I had no pulse when I arrived, just after that.

After the catheters were placed, in the recovery room I stopped for about 2 minutes due to a heart muscle failure.

It was a machine that kept the blood flowing, not the heart. I have the medical records.

How do you view the content of your experience?

Totally pleasant

The experiment included:

a decorporation experience

Did you feel separated from your body?

No, I clearly left my body and I existed outside

How much awareness and lucidity did you have during this experience compared to the one you normally have on a daily basis?

More conscious and lucid than usual. This is beyond words.

On the prairie, for example, I thought, “As a pastor’s child, I had a religious education, we were taught that angels play the harp. ».

I thought to myself, “Now I understand why we were taught that. ».

There was a hum, a vibration, it came from space, it was space, it was the vibration of time, light and existence.

The blades of grass waved under and in the breeze, I felt it, I was the breeze, I saw from his point of view, from that of his conscience.

I felt the green grass, the flowers in the grass, I saw from the perspective of the consciousness of the flowers and the grass, I moved with them I felt their communion with the breeze, the music of the vibrations they created, it was their way of communication.

During your experience, when were you at the highest level of consciousness and lucidity?

When I realized that I was dead, I was in harmony with everything, vibrating inside and with it, I was part of it.

Were your thoughts accelerated?

Incredibly fast

Did time seem to you to accelerate or slow down?

Everything seemed to be happening at the same time, or time stopped, or there was no notion of time.

Time has become a sense of consciousness of light.

While my grandmother and I were travelling, we moved around at will.

However, I knew enough about space to make the time required to travel these distances in light years beyond what is believable.

And for a moment I was time, I had no idea of time, it was just a spatial distance, not a feeling.

I have seen time and space from a planet in creation, when we know that it takes billions of years and that it is light years away.

Concerning the planet, its notion of time is not identical to the perception we have of it, just as a baby in its mother’s womb does not know time (except for the time of its birth).

It was like being in one place, then using a 180-degree telescope, then a 180-degree microscope, up to the atomic level.

Were your senses more vivid than usual?

Incredibly sharper

During the experiment, was your vision different from what it was just before?

I can’t compare it to anything.

The experience with time and space during which I reached the horizon of events, where light can no longer reach us, which initiates a new consciousness of space/time.

There is also a new form of light. I could never have imagined it before this experiment, nor could I have imagined the vibrations of physical particles, atomic matter or string theory.

During the experiment, was your hearing different from what it was just before?

I heard vibrations, literally I know that this is what we usually hear.

But during the EMI I experienced the vibrations of sound in the strict sense, I was able to become and feel the sounds, not just hear them.

Did you have the impression that you were aware of things happening elsewhere?

Yes, and the facts have been verified.

Did you see a supernatural light?

Yes, at first it looked like a golden radiant sphere, low on the horizon.

Later in the experience, she was close, very close and extremely warm, brighter than my sight could bear.

My proximity to her was not defined, she was just brilliant.

Did you have the impression of entering another or supernatural world?

A clearly esoteric or supernatural world The location at the beginning seemed familiar only to me to the extent that it reminded me of a meadow (much smaller) in which I walk when I am disturbed.

It’s a comforting place, but it wasn’t the same at all.

Then when I saw all souls turning to the light and going into the Source Light, it was as if it had transformed into a passage to my next, our next experience or consciousness.

The place where I was was my home, where our minds begin and not end.

What emotions did you feel during the experience?

Total serenity, accepted and honored, I felt an indescribable uniqueness, a peace, I was at home.

Did you have a feeling of joy?

Incredible joy

Did you have the impression of being in harmony or united with the Universe?

I felt united to the universe or part of it.

Did you suddenly feel like you understood everything?

All about the universe

I understood why we are disconnected, why and how atoms combine, how they communicate, how a star is born, how particles communicate, why humans exist here on earth, why all life is an expression of EST; humans are not the only motive for life; Life is the only motive for EST, we are here on earth to exist, not to dominate, but we have created this reality.

Did any scenes from your past come back to you?

I remembered many past events.

I had already worked on past events in my life, but some others were ongoing.

One of the things I didn’t tell you was that my grandmother told me to be well, to leave my wife.

Some things about my relationship were true, I later discovered that they were true.

Elements of my past were revealed to me, other people were involved, people I didn’t know.

A group came together, I was shown why we were disconnected from ourselves, from light and from the universe.

Have you seen any scenes from your future?

Scenes from my personal future I was shown situations about my health, I was going to be sick in the hospital, I was going to have problems, I was going to or could be better, but nothing particular.

I was shown my ex, she was going to poison me, she ended up tampering with my treatments.

The toxicity of our relationship almost killed me too, it caused so much stress that it made my heart worse.

After leaving her I was better, I even started to heal.

I tried to reconcile with her and ended up on a transplant waiting list.

We can say it’s a confirmation, can’t we?

Have you arrived at a border or point of no return?

I have reached a barrier that I have not been allowed to cross; or I have been sent back against my will.

How important was religion or spiritual life to you before this experience?

Not very important to me

What was your religion before this experience?

Native American religion

Have your religious practices changed since this experience?

Yes Previously I had no preference in terms of institutional religion and today certainly none.

I practice shamanism, I greatly appreciate shamanic mysticism.

How important is your religious or spiritual life after your experience?

Very important to me

What is your religion now?

Native American religion

Did this experience include elements in accordance with your earthly beliefs?

Content that does not conform at all to the beliefs I had at the time of the experiment.

Well, since I had a religious education, when I was told that I was going to have crosses to bear, I knew I was going to face trials.

So it would be in line with what I had been taught, but not really with what I thought. The expressions were consistent with my education, not with what I believed in when I was growing up.

Have your values and beliefs changed as a result of this experience?

Yes Stronger limits, more faith in my values, ideals and path.

Have you had the impression of meeting an esoteric being or presence, or hearing an unidentifiable voice?

I met a specific being, or a voice, clearly esoteric or supernatural. I was told that it was not my time, that I had to leave again, and I quote: “It is not your time and you have to leave again.

My son, don’t be afraid, you won’t be alone and I’ll take care of you. ».

During your experience, did you acquire information about a past life?

Yes In our Light I experienced the DNA helix which is a memory.

We are the realization of memories of past lives, of our genetics.

I’m not the one who lived before, but rather my DNA. All this has combined, the whole thing has created me today.

Some memories necessary for the creation of the highest expression of EST, consist of what is created in me.

During your experience, did you acquire information about a link or uniqueness in the universe?

Yes OH Yes Yes ! at one point I met all the souls, they were transformed into light.

While all life forms were transformed into light, they all came from distant sources in the cosmos, coming here on earth, then going to the source.

The whole cosmos is filled like a fabric, vibrant, fully interconnected, points of light, memory, reflection, new consciousness, new experiences, vibration is wisdom, knowledge and experience everywhere in space and time.

During your experience, did you acquire information about the existence of God?

Yes What I call God is the Magnet Creator Light.

It seems that defining it does not do it justice. It is not the god we have been taught in religion, it is neither a man nor a woman, it is in accordance with what I have been taught about the Great Spirit.

It is the power of all powers, the truth, the illumination of wisdom and the highest Love.

Do you believe in the existence of God as a result of this experience?

God undoubtedly exists

During the experiment, did you receive information about the meaning of life?

Yes We have to live with certain things, we have to survive, learn, evolve, we don’t have to divide ourselves.

We must nurture our bonds with each other in order to evolve towards our true highest level.
We can still co-evolve with others and co-create, but we need to heal.

Do you believe in a life after life as a result of this experience?

The afterlife undoubtedly exists Yes, we will have a new consciousness, a new knowledge.

We are so used to the one we have, it is the only time we have and during which we are WE. In the next experience, we will not know, or will not be in this form, or in this existence.

Were you afraid of death before this experience?

I was a little afraid of death.

Are you afraid of death as a result of your experience?

I’m not afraid of death.

Were you afraid to live your life before this experience?

I was a little afraid to live my earthly life

As a result of this experience, are you afraid to live?

I am not afraid to live my earthly life

Have you learned how to live our lives?

Is it so or are we here because of our religion, or our way of believing or our faith? ».

She looked at me smiling and saying with such sweetness: “My little one, it has nothing to do with this place.

We have only one period in our presence, our reality, our time. It’s the only time you’re you.

We suffer from our actions when we are on earth. We suffer the consequences of our actions during our lives.

During your experience, have you gained information about life’s difficulties, challenges and obstacles?

Yes We lived this period by being so separated from love and our truth that we deprived others of it because we cannot stand that they can have them and not us.

I have seen that we have created false truths, false realities because we abhor what we believe to be the truth.

We have almost (if not totally) ruined our lives, our hearts, our minds and our souls in order to continue to feed illusions.

We keep this false love and false reality alive only for this reason.

We abandoned our bodies for a simple confirmation and our souls just to feel better.

The less we can heal, the less we can return to love here where it counts, the less we will recognize and repair our mistakes, the more we will perpetuate separation, the more suffering will get worse and the more we will despair of hiding it.

However, I have seen in my case that when we return to the source, to love, to the place where everything started, we just have to face the reality of that place where everything started.

During this experience, did you learn anything about love?

Yes We lived this period by being so separated from love and our truth that we deprived others of it because we cannot stand that they can have them and not us.

I have seen that we have created false truths, false realities because we abhor what we believe to be the truth.

We have almost (if not totally) ruined our lives, our hearts, our minds and our souls in order to continue to feed illusions.

We keep this false love and false reality alive, just for this reason.

We abandoned our bodies for a simple confirmation and our souls just to feel better.

The less we can heal, the less we can return to love here where it counts, the less we will recognize and repair our mistakes, the more we will perpetuate separation, the more suffering will get worse and the more we will despair of hiding it.

However, I have seen in my case that when we return to the source, to love, to the place where everything started, we simply have to face the reality of that place where everything started.

Have you been compassionate since this experience?

Very compassionate towards others

What changes have occurred in your life as a result of your experience?

Great changes in my life I am completely in harmony with others, I have a greater capacity for empathy, compassion, I feel when others need to heal.

I feel like I feel other people’s emotions more clearly than before, as if I could hear their thoughts.

I have a great capacity for meditation, prayer seems to me to be a link, it is very intuitive now.

It seems that I attract people, not in the sexual sense, only for spiritual purposes.

I perceive and see spirits if I wish. I feel like I know what’s happening before it happens, I’m not sure I appreciate it very much.

Did your relationships change precisely because of this experience?

I divorced my wife, I am currently single.

I work on my relationship to life, to myself, to my son, to my granddaughter, to my family and to the Great Spirit; mainly to my spirituality.

Was the experience difficult to describe in words?

Yes For example, the Magnetic Creator Light, God.

There was no form, it was a collective intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, consciousness and pure radiant love, there is nothing like it here on earth.

This underlies all that is, will be and was, yet His light shines rather than imposes itself, it is a link, the end and the beginning.

How accurately do you remember the experience compared to other events at the time of the experience?

I remember the experience more precisely than other events in my life at the time

It is always difficult for me to talk about it without being overwhelmed by emotion.

As we speak, tears are running down my face as I relive this event.

As a result of your experience, have you acquired any mediumistic, unusual or other special abilities that you did not have before?

Yes I see events before they happen, I see spirits, I meditate, prayers of healing for others seem more powerful, I have more intuition about others.

Are one or more parts of the experience particularly significant to you?

When I experienced time, space and the cosmos, looking at a star, being that star, seeing a star implode and unite with the universe again, like us.

Anyway, the nebula was simply splendid.

Watching our galaxy turn in its own natural time is inexpressible.

See matter form, become a star, then this star become a solar system, etc. etc. etc.

See life forms on the planets, all reflecting other systems. We are very, very far from being alone.

Have you ever told anyone about this experience?

Yes, I first told my ex, she laughed at me.

Months later, I talked to colleagues in my support group about it.

I think they didn’t know how to react other than to say, “Oh, yeah? That’s great! That’s great! ». I told it to some religious people who appreciated it… until I got into the physical and healing part, they rejected it.

I found a local IANDS group but it has ceased its activity.

So I kept quiet. Everything was fine as long as I was only telling part of it, hearing the whole experience was too much.

What did you think of the reality of the experience you experienced shortly (days or weeks) after it happened?

The experience was quite real I tried to refute it while it was happening, the more I tried, the more it imposed itself on me.

Then, my file showed me that under no circumstances could I have made it by myself, I did not have the necessary conscience to do so.

What do you think of the reality of the experience now?

The experience was quite real, I looked for other experiences and discussed with other experiences, I realized that I am really not the only one.

As such, I did not need their confirmation. What is so wonderful is simply the amazement, the beauty of sharing the experience and the emotion. That’s what makes it so much more than real.

Has any part of this experience ever happened in your life?

Yes, whenever I wish, especially during meditations, healing prayers and when I tell.

I just open my mind, let the Light fill it, I feel its radiant heat filling me, warming me up.

When the heart attack strikes, I pray, I close my eyes and allow myself to transcend time, to return to space.

I travel and see the nebula again, the pain and discomfort disappears and then I come back.

Do you want to add anything else about your experience?

Sometimes I feel guilty for living it.

3 weeks after my experience, a person died of a devastating heart attack, a guy from work, from the parish I was seeing, a long-time friend.

I asked myself: why me? Why was I destined to come back when I was at home?

I don’t think it’s because of karma or bad reasons.

Since my disability has been recognized, I have had time to work on my experience and its meaning.

I am inspired by the depth of spirituality that is mine now. I wasn’t really fully aware of what I know today.

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