Book of Enoch, the text that inspired Christ

The Book of Enoch, a text that came from the depths of time and inspired the Old and New Testaments.

This article is a short summary of Pierre Jovanovic's book: Enoch: Dialogues with God and Angels (link at the end of the article).

Theologians thought that Enoch's book was written 100 to 300 years after Jesus Christ, as many of its texts resemble the teaching left by Jesus.

But the discoveries of the Dead Sea Scrolls, also known as the Qumran Scrolls, have challenged these claims.

The discoveries in cellar 4 have made it possible to establish scientifically that Enoch's texts predate the birth of Jesus Christ by at least 200 years.

This discovery upset the researchers because it meant that instead of being a book inspired by Christ, it was the book that had inspired Christ!

A book that disturbs

The Book of Enoch was a Jewish sacred text before the Reform Rabbi Simon Ben Jochai, in 70 AD, condemned it and anyone who read it.

And this is surely because the chosen one of whom Enoch, this Son of Man, speaks of, is very similar to Jesus Christ.

The Book of Enoch continued to be a sacred book for Christians until 325 AD after a council, when it was decided that its content would remain hidden from the public.

Later on, all the copies found were destroyed by the church and for more than 1400 years no one would hear about these texts.

The Book of Enoch rediscovered

In 1773, a Scottish explorer named James Bruce discovered intact copies of Enoch's book in a monastery in Abyssinia, because for the Ethiopian Church, Enoch's book had remained a sacred book.

Another version dating from the 15th century will be discovered in Belgrade, a different version that will be called the "Slavonic Enoch". or "Enoch 2".

The book of Enoch in the Old and New Testaments

The American pastor Ronald K. Brown who published "The Book of Enoch" in 1998 explained that "the Old and New Testaments contain exactly 309 passages directly borrowed from the Book of Enoch."

He adds "My book is an effort to spread the Gospels of Jesus Christ, but as always, it is up to the reader to accept or reject the conclusions."

Like many other scholars, he was obliged to acknowledge that Jesus necessarily knew the Book of Enoch, because there are too many similarities between the Book of Enoch and Christ's teaching.

Who is Enoch : Thot, Hermes, Enmeduranki ?

According to biblical texts, he is the 7th patriarch before the flood, father of Methuselah, grandfather of Lamech and great grandfather of Noah, that of the Ark.

For some he would be the son of Cain and for others the son of Seth. But as we know today, most of the Hebrew texts of the Old Testament come from Sumerian and Egyptian texts (see: The Sumerian and Egyptian origin of the Bible, the evidence).

In the East there was an Enoch: they call him sometimes Enoch, sometimes Edris it was he who gave laws to the Egyptians under the name of Thoth, called by the Greeks'''Hermes Termegist''.

He was given a son named Sabi, author of the religion of the Sabians or Sabians.

There is a common point between the Book of Enoch and the Scroll of Thoth: both promise immortality to the one who reads them!

There was an ancient tradition in Phrygia about a certain Anach, of whom it was said that the Hebrews had made Enoch.

The Phrygians held this tradition of the Chaldeans or Babylonians, who also recognized an Enoch, or Anach, as the inventor of astronomy.

According to historian Philip Davies, Enoch may have its roots in King En-mendur-Anna-k, also known as Enmeduranki or Enoch:

"The legend of Enoch begins with the list of Sumerian kings before the flood, a list preserved in different forms. One of these kings, often given as the 7th, is called Enmeduranki.

This king is still associated with the city of Sippar, the place of worship of the solar god Shamash.

In some texts, this Enmeduranki was the first to whom the gods Adad and Shamash showed three forms of divination: water on oil, liver inspection and the use of cedar.

This in order to be passed on from generation to generation." These techniques effectively became the exclusive know-how of Babylonian priests.

These details show well how the biblical portrait of Enoch was perhaps composed from that of King Enmeduranki:

a) Enmeduranki, like Enoch, is the 7th in the list of kings preceding the flood;

b) the biblical number 365 preserves its solar side, rather than that of the solar God.

c) the fact that he walked with God or the Angels suggests a deep intimacy with God or the Gods or the Angels.

(d) the end point does not connect Enoch to Enmeduranki but to his "fish man" (apkallu), (a guardian spirit or guardian angel), with whom each of the other 7 kings was associated.

The "fish man" taught his king all the knowledge.

However, Enmeduranki's was called "Utu'abzu" which is quoted in a cuneiform text.

And this text tells how Enmeduranki was carried away, "ascended" to heaven like Enoch.

Enoch is Enmeduranki

In parallel with the deciphering of the Qmran fragments, the identity of Enoch, the one whom the Bible says he "walked with God could finally be established and Phillip Davies was right.

All the elements contained in the one million wedge-shaped tablets found for more than 150 years have been traced back to His Highness Enmeduranki, Prince of Sippar, and servant of the solar god Shamash.

Even his Appkalu or "Fish Man" is known: it is the spirit called Utu'abzu, who also ruled over the city of Sippar.

For the Sumerians, the Appkalus, half human, half fish, are winged characters who came out of the water to teach them the secrets of agriculture and metallurgy.

So, this allows us to understand that even the New Testament is inspired by Sumerian texts!

The important teachings of the Book of Enoch: selected pieces

Extract from the book of Enoch 2, Slavonic Enoch, which refers to the teachings on what men should know, do and not do and how they will be judged for their actions.

As you can see, there is a lot of humanity in these texts.

Chapter 44

The Lord made man with his hands and in his image.

Man is like him, infinitely small or infinitely large.

Whoever rejects the Sovereign or abhors the face of the Lord has mocked the face of the Lord.

He who is angry with a man without hurting him is exposed to the wrath of the Lord who will cut him off on the day of judgment.

But he who has spit on a man will be killed on the day of judgment.

Blessed is the man who does not use his heart with malice against the one who bothers him. Blessed is the one who helps the wounded, the condemned and who raises the one who is on the ground.

On the day of the judgment, our actions will be like as many weights and measures that will be used to judge us, as in the market.

It is at this point that each person will discover their own measure. And his reward will be proportionate to his measure.

Chapter 45

Whoever hurries to make offerings to the Lord will hasten his rewards and receive the help of the Lord.

He who increases the lamps before the face of the Lord will see the volume of his attic grow.

Whoever increases his lamps before the Lord by making false judgments, will not see his treasures increase in heaven.

When the Lord asks for bread or a candle or animal flesh or any other sacrifice, it is really only a desire of God to have pure hearts among men.

For in the light of the great judgment, no one will be able to hide.

Chapter 46

Listen to my beloved ones and hear the words that come out of my lip.

Imagine that someone visits a monarch and offers him gifts with derogatory thoughts, and the king becomes aware of his thoughts.

Do you really think this king will accept these gifts?

On the contrary, he will be mad with rage and throw impudence at the judges.

Or when a man who describes himself as just and good when his heart is only violence and wickedness; he condemns himself alone before others who know his true nature.

And when the Lord sends his great light, then there will be judgment for the just and the unjust, and no one will escape the sentence.

Chapter 50

I have written down the fate of each man and no born on earth can remain hidden, nor can his work remain hidden. I see all things.

Now therefore, my children, spend the rest of your days in patience and fragility waiting to inherit eternal life.

In the name of the Lord, endure every wound, every insult and every attack.

If misfortunes happen to you, do not send them back to your neighbours or enemies because the Lord will send them back for you.

He will avenge you on the day of judgment, the day when there will be no more revenge between men.

Whoever among you spends gold and silver on behalf of others will receive a considerable reward in the world to come.

Never hurt widows or orphans or strangers because the wrath of God will then come upon you.

Chapter 51

Reach out to the poor as you can.

Don't hide your money underground.

Help the right man in the trial because the trial will not find you when you have worries.

For every cruel or painful problem that arises, bear it for the glory of the Lord because that is how you will find your reward on the day of judgment.

It is pleasant to go morning, noon and evening to His house to celebrate the glory of your creator.

For every being who breathes glorifies Him because every visible and invisible creature celebrates Him.

Chapter 52

Blessed is the man who by his lips covers God with praise and who thanks him from the bottom of his heart.

Cursed is the man who covers his neighbour with contempt and slander because he brings God to contempt.

Blessed is the one who opens his lips to bless and compliment God.

Cursed is before the Lord the one who spends his time cursing and insulting. Blessed is the one who blesses all the creation of the Lord.

Cursed is the one who despises the creation of the Lord. Blessed is the one who bends down to lift those who are on the ground.

Curses the one who looks and desires the destruction of what does not belong to him. Blessed is the one who keeps his fathers' foundations and keeps them upright.

Cursed is the one who distorts the decrees of his forefathers. Blessed is the one who spreads peace and love.

Cursed is the one who bothers those who love their neighbours. Blessed is the one who speaks with the heart and humbly to all.

Cursed is the one who speaks of peace when in his heart only the sword reigns.

For all these acts will be exposed and placed in the scales and books on the day of the great judgment.

Chapter 53

My children, do not say "Our father stands before God and prays for our sins, because there is no help of any kind there for a man who has sinned".

You have seen how I wrote the destiny of every man before he was even created, everything that has been done by humanity, from time immemorial.

But no one can read or decipher my writing because the Lord sees everything that men can imagine, how vain they are before they even exist or when they lie even in the depths of their hearts and souls.

And now my children, write down what I tell you so that you don't blame me later on by saying "but why didn't our father tell us anything?"

Chapter 58

Listen to me, kids, listen to me well today.

In those ancient days when the Lord came down to earth for Adam's sake and to visit all the creatures He had created before Adam.

He called all the animals on earth, all the reptiles and all the birds to gather them around our father Adam.

Then Adam gave names to all the living creatures on earth.

And the Lord gave Adam absolute sovereignty and placed all creatures in his hands.

Then God made these creatures dumb so that man could always command them without discussion.

In the same way the Lord created each man sovereign over all his possessions.

In the interest of man, the Lord never judges the souls of animals.

On the other hand, he makes the souls of men known to their beasts.

And as all human souls never perish, so do the souls of the animals that God created, right up to the last judgment.

There, the animals will be able to blame the men who misfed them.

Chapter 60

He who kills another man's soul kills his own soul and body.

He who throws a man into nets will also find himself in nets, and there will be no other form of healing for him.

He who gives a man as an offering, his reward will be rejected on the day of the great judgment.

He who works falsely or meditates on a soul can never take justice into his own hands.

Chapter 61

My children, be careful not to commit injustice in your hearts because the Lord hates him.

Let him do the same to every living being who commits injustice.

For I know all things and I know that in the coming times all men will have their inheritances prepared for them, good for the good, bad for the bad and without any limit.

Blessed are those who enter the good houses, for in the evil houses there will be no peace for them.

Listen to my children! When a man has a good thought in his heart but if he brings the offering of works that he has not done before the Lord, the face of God will turn away from him, and he will not be able to find the work in his hands.

And even if his hands had done it, but his heart whispered, there too he would not find himself at his advantage before the Lord.

Chapter 62

Blessed is the man who in his patience brings his gifts with joy before the Lord.

He will find forgiveness for his sins.

But if he resumes his word before then, there will be no repentance for him; and if time passes and he does not do what he promised, he must know that there is no repentance after death.

Because every work done by man before the hour is deceitful to men and sinful to God.

Chapter 63

When man dresses the naked one and feeds the hungry one, he will find a reward from God.

But if his heart murmurs, he commits a double sin, that of his own hypocrisy and what he gives.

For him, there will be no reward for this act. And if his heart is filled with his own food, his own flesh, dressed in his own clothes, he commits contempt and will have no reward for his good deeds.

Every proud and presumptuous man is detestable in the eyes of the Lord, like any speech of false truths.

The sword of death will cut off their heads and throw them into the flames of an eternal blaze.

Chapter 65

Enoch answered all his people: Listen to my children.

Before creatures were created, the Lord created things that were visible and invisible.

Whatever time has already passed down here, understand that God created man in His image and form, and for this He gave him eyes to see, ears to hear, a heart to reflect and intelligence to judge. God lives all the works of men.

He created all His creatures, divided time into years, months and weeks composed of seven days.

The day has been divided into hours, precisely measured so that man can think punctually and count the years, months, hours, their alternating patterns, their beginnings and their endings; and so that he can count his own life from the beginning to death, reflect on his sins and write his acts, good and bad.

That is why nothing can be hidden from God, why every man must know His work, never transgress His commandments and keep my writings from generation to generation.

When all this visible and invisible divine creation comes to an end, then each man will find himself at the great judgment; time will cease to exist, years, months, days and hours will no longer count.

They will be aggregated and no longer counted.

There will be an eternity and the righteous men who escape the judgment of the Lord will be gathered there because the great eternity will begin for the righteous; and they will live eternally without work, disease or humiliation; without anxiety, without need, without brutality, without night or darkness, but in a great light.

And they will have a great indestructible wall, and a bright and incorruptible paradise because there will be no more corruptible things. It will be eternal life.

Chapter 66

And now my children, keep your souls from committing injustices because the Lord hates them.

Walk in front of his face trembling with terror.

Only serve him. Always bow before the true God and never before silent idols.

Bring offerings just before him and never forget that the Lord hates injustice.

The Lord sees all things; when man draws his thoughts from the depths of his heart, he must know that every thought is known to the Lord,

He who made the Earth and put all the creatures on it.

If you look at the sky, the Lord is there; if you become aware of the depth of all the oceans and everything that lies beneath the Earth, the Lord is there too.

For the Lord created all things. Do not bow to man-made things that leave God out of everything, for no work remains hidden before him.

Go my children on the path of suffering, fragility, honesty, provocation, sorrow, in faith and truth, in the trust of promises, in sickness, in abuse, in wounds, in temptation, in nakedness, in deprivation, but always love your neighbor while waiting to leave this life of evils to inherit eternity.

Blessed are those who will escape the great judgment, for they will shine seven times more than the Sun and because in this world the seventh part is cut off from everything, light, darkness, food, joy and sorrow, heaven and torture, fire, frost and much more.

And He has put everything in writing so that you can read and therefore understand.

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