Buddha Teaching: The Sutta Motto of Kindness

Le Mettâ Sutta de la bonté bienveillante est l’un des plus beaux textes de l’enseignement bouddhiste, il rappel le comportement que doit avoir un sage, qu’il soit bouddhiste ou non.

This is what must be done by the wise man,
Who seeks good and has peace.
Let it be applied, straight, perfectly straight,
Sincere, humble, gentle, without pride,

Karanyyam atthakusalena
yam tam santam padam abhisamecca
sakko ujû ca sujû ca
suvaco c’assa mudu anatimâni

Happy with all things and happy.
That he does not let himself be overwhelmed by the care of the world,
that he does not burden himself with the burden of riches.
That his senses are mastered,
that he is wise without being haughty,
and does not covet family property.

santussako ca subharo
appakiccoca sallahuka-vutti
santindriyo ca nipako ca
appagabbho kulesu ananugiddho

Do not do anything petty
and that wise men can reprove.
May all beings be happy.
May they be in joy and safety.

na ca khuddam samâcare
kinci yena viññû pare upavadeyyum
sukhino vâ khemino hontu
sabbe satta bhavantu sukhitatta

Anything that is alive, weak or strong, high
Medium or low, small or large, visible or invisible,
Near or far, born or to be born,
May all these beings be happy.

ye keci palnabhutatthi
tasâ vâ thâvarâ vâ anavasesâ
dîghâ vâ ye mahantâ vâ
majjhimâ rassakânuka-thûlâ

Let no one deceive another or despise any being
No matter what.
That no one, out of anger or hatred, wishes harm to another.

na paro param nikubbetha
nâtimaññetha kattha ci nam kañci
byârosanâ patighasaññâ
nâññam aññassa dukkham iccheyya

As well as a mother at the risk of her life,
supervises and protects his only child,
So, with an unhindered spirit
must we cherish all living things,

masta yatha niyam puttam
ayusâ ekaputtarn anurakkhe
evampi sabba bhûtesu
Mamasam Bhaivaye Aparimanam

to love the world as a whole,
Above, below, and all around, without limitation
With kind and infinite kindness.

mettañ ca sabbalokasmim
Mamasam Bhaivaye Aparimanam
uddham adho ca tiriyañ ca
Asambadham Asamam Asapattam

Standing or walking, sitting or lying,
as long as one is awake one has to cultivate one's thought
that this is the best way to live in the world.

tittham caram nisinno vâ
sayâno vâ yāvatassa vigatamiddho
etarn satim adhittheyy
Brahmam etam viharam idham ahu

Abandoning idle discussions,
having deep inner vision,
rid of the appetites of the senses,
He who has perfected
will not know the rebirths anymore.

saythiñ ca anupagamma sîla vâ
dassanena sampanno
kamesu vineyya gedham
na hi jâtu gabbaseyyam punaretï’ti

– Sutta Nipada, 1, 8 –

Mettâ Sutta of benevolent goodness sung in Pali

Source: www.buddhachannel.tv

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