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Reincarnation, the incredible story of Mr. Roberts

Reincarnation, the incredible story of Mr. Roberts

A surprising and moving story of reincarnation that will have allowed a little girl to see her father again in another life.

In Santa Barbara, California, a certain Mr. Roberts went one day to find a clairvoyant who gave theosophical lectures, to ask him for advice on a strange case.

Re-incarnation: the strange meeting of Mr. Roberts

On the eve of the day we are talking about, Mr. Roberts was walking down the street when a three-year-old girl ran to him and called him Dad.

At first he was amazed, because he thought someone wanted to make him look like the child’s father.

But the mother walked up to him, confused and tried to take the little girl who was attached to the man she kept calling Dad.

Due to certain circumstances, which we will discuss in a moment, Mr. Roberts could not get this story out of his mind.

That is why he had gone to see this clairvoyant who agreed to accompany him to the girl’s parents.

Re-incarnation: the reunion

As soon as she saw him, she ran to meet him and called him Dad again.

The clairvoyant, whom we will call Mr. X…, brought the girl to a window to see if the iris of the eye dilated and contracted, when he turned her towards the light, or towards the shadow, in order to realize if he was not dealing with a case of obsession, because the eye is the mirror of the soul and there is no “obsessing” entity that can act on this part of the body.

Mr. X… found that the child was normal; he began to question her gently and with great patience, on several occasions, so as not to tire her out, and this is what she said:

She had lived with her father, Mr. Roberts, and another mother in a small, isolated house.

We didn’t see any other houses around this one.

Near the house there was a stream flowing along which there were small trees with funny flowers.

(At that moment in her story, the girl rushed outside and came back soon after, bringing some willow kittens) _ and there was, she added, a board across the stream.

She was told not to go over it because she could fall.

One day, her father had left her and her mother and had never returned.

When their supplies were exhausted, her mother had laid down on the bed and did not move.

Then the little girl gently added: “So I too died, but not really: I came here”.

Reincarnation: Mr Roberts’ explanation

In turn, Mr. Roberts told his story.

Eighteen years earlier, he lived in London, where his father was a brewer.

He fell in love with a servant girl.

His father opposed the marriage and fled with her to Australia after marrying her.

Once there, he went into the jungle and cleared a corner of land to establish a small farm near a stream, as the little girl had described.

A girl was born. She was about two years old when one morning he left his house and went to a nearby clearing where a man, with a gun in his hand, arrested him in the name of the law for a robbery committed in a bank precisely on the night he left England.

The police followed in his footsteps, thinking he was the criminal. Mr. R. begged for permission to visit his wife and child.

Fearing that his pleas would hide some subterfuge, which would allow the culprit to put him in the hands of accomplices, the policeman refused and took him to the coast where he was taken to England.

There he was tried and found innocent. Only then did the authorities take into consideration what the poor man had said about his wife and daughter, who he believed must have starved to death in a wild and desolate part of the country where they lived.

An expedition was sent to the farm where only the skeletons of the mother and child were found.

In the meantime, Mr. R.’s father had died. He had disinherited his son.

However, M. R.’s brothers shared the inheritance with him, and he left for America with a broken heart.

That’s how his story ends. He then showed the pictures of his wife and himself to his interlocutors who suggested that he mix them with others and show them to the little girl.

Without hesitation, the child pointed out which of the two people she claimed to be her mother and father.

Story from the book “Cosmogony of the rose-crosses” by Max Heindel (written in 1909).

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