Joconde : The real secrets of Mona Lisa finally revealed

More than 500 years after Leonardo da Vinci created the Mona Lisa, the masterpiece continues to intrigue enthusiasts all over the world, and here is finally the revelation of some of its mysteries.

Thierry Gallier, an artistic director, discovered that in the landscape around the Mona Lisa, there was the story of the goddess Isis and on many occasions, the face of Leonardo da Vinci.

What Thierry Gallier has discovered is quite surprising and fascinating, and if he has not lifted the "veil of Isis", he has surely revealed many of the Mona Lisa's secrets.

"Remember that it doesn't cost you anything to stop from time to time to look at the stains on the walls, the ashes of the fire, the clouds, the mud,... you will find wonderful ideas that awaken the painter's imagination to new inventions...". Leonardo da Vinci

You will discover in this video, that the portrait of Mona Lisa hides in her landscape the story of Isis and Osiris and that the enigmatic smile comes from the fact that it is the same face at different times, one smiling and young, the other sad and older.

Moreover, other researchers believe that the Mona Lisa is a representation of Isis, the "good goddess", and that Mona Lisa is the anagram of Amon the Isa, an expression that would reveal that the god Amon would be the male counterpart of Isa, another name of the goddess Isis.
The Egyptian goddess Isis and her various representations

The Mysteries of the Mona Lisa

To go further, see Thierry Gallier's book:

Isis, the Mona Lisa revealed


Presentation of the publisher:

This shock book is the INTEGRAL DECRYPTAGE of The Mona Lisa!

You will discover how Leonardo da Vinci created the mystery of Mona Lisa's smile.

In this exciting story, Thierry Gallier retraces the paths he followed before arriving at his discovery: Mona Lisa is.... Isis.

The most famous painting in the world chronologically tells the myth of Isis and Osiris.

Zooms on details of the painting never before observed will show you the incredible evidence.

This magnificent book is abundantly illustrated and labelled, it is accessible to everyone, regardless of their artistic or scientific culture.

After 500 years of mystery, The Mona Lisa finally reveals its secrets.

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