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  • Religions

Reincarnation and karma in Judaism and Christianity

Contrary to what is taught today, the principles of reincarnation and Karma were known in Judaism and Christianity. Reincarnation and…

22 October 2020
  • Wisdom

Samadhi, universal education to liberate yourself from the Matrix

Samadhi is the key to enlightenment, here is a two-part film that has the merit of explaining that it is…

28 August 2019
  • Mystery

The Revelation of the Pyramids and other sacred sites, news 2017

If you are passionate about mysteries, vanished civilizations, the enigmas of history, then you have certainly already seen or heard…

30 October 2019
  • UFO

Anunnaki, the Sumerian version of humanity's creation

Here is one of the Sumerian versions of the origin of man that gives an explanation about the Anunnaki, Nibiru,…

22 October 2020